Processes and Methods

Blending Science, Nature & Traditional Wellness

The world is waking up to natural solutions devoid of chemicals for hair, skin and personal care. But the Indian subcontinent has a rich history of home brewed, handmade and handcrafted recipes that have worked wonders for our skin, hair and body. At Naturaleza Castile we are taking it further by backing it up with science and borrowing from Nature and reconnecting with our roots, quite literally.



In an effort to create sustainable alternatives for your personal care needs, each of our formulations are perfected using pure organic concentrates of natural 100% ingredients like Aloe Vera, Honey, Beeswax, Camphore etc.

The natural essence of these ingredients are carefully extracted through screening, grinding, boiling, evaporation and filtration. Every step is minutely curated to avoid any contamination. We strive to capitalize the indigenous knowledge of Ayurveda by amalgamating it with modern scientific approaches. This makes our products completely skin neutral and effective for a healthy skin and hair.


Creating handcrafted personal care alternatives with minimal yet sustainably sourced organic ingredients which helps to heal not only your ecosystem but also your own body, skin and hair.


Have you ever noticed that the personal care products that you use regularly are often filled with too many ingredients? Wondered why? Do you think it is possible to deliver the same product with much less raw materials? We are here to tell you that it’s possible. Read on to know more.


At Naturaleza Castile apart from blending traditional recipes with scientific formulations we also aim to reduce presence of harmful ingredients in your personal care products. The driving rationale behind this is that multiple chemical ingredients not only prove detrimental to your skin, hair and body but these get washed out with water as waste which ends up in ecosystem around you and stays unprocessed.
The manufacturers of such commercially produced personal care products often use multiple harmful ingredients to build a cohesive and homogenous look and feel of products instead of much more safer yet expensive ingredients. Often these harmful ingredients are used as cheaper substitute for the expensive ones, which end up as burden for our modern generations to bear.